ISO 9001 logoAs with any project good planning is essential. We have therefore included details on our company policy in this area.

SP Technology's continual determination to provide top quality innovative systems at a competitive price drives the need to constantly review all aspects of our operation.

We have been awarded the BS EN ISO 9001:2000 approval, which further stamps our commitment to providing a quality product our clients.

Projects are currently outlined using a Gantt chart with key milestone sates that have been agreed at project start up being monitored. This provides us with a degree of forewarning of resource conflicts that must be addressed. Included in the project plan are long lead purchases or client supplied equipment delivery schedules, further enhancing our ability to monitor project progress.

With the aid of more advanced software progress data can now be fed back into the original plan allowing more active and live monitoring to take place. Projects are monitored using a quality plan format where the pre-defined control stages are full recorded.